Under the Club’s rules, there are two kinds of membership of the Woldingham Village Club. In fact, membership is of the Woldingham Village Trust. Full membership is given to current and former residents of Woldingham (with a postcode of CR3 7**) and associate membership to non-residents of Woldingham and to corporate members. 

The main difference between full and associate membership is that full members have certain voting rights in relation to the election of the Club’s executive committee and they themselves may be elected members of that committee whereas associate members may not vote or be elected as executive committee members.  The purpose of this distinction is to ensure that the control and management of the Club remains in the hands of Woldingham residents. Corporate membership is given to members of local reputable organisations, groups and societies in Woldingham and the surrounding areas. 

There are three ways to join the Club as full, associate or corporate members or to renew membership, by:

  • visiting the Club and filling out a short application form and paying at least one year’s membership subscription in cash, by credit or debit card or by cheque;

  • printing off an application form (see button below), filling it out and sending it to The Secretary, Woldingham Village Club, Upper Court Road, Woldingham, Surrey, CR3 7BE with a cheque for the appropriate amount made payable to the Woldingham Village Trust; and 

  • joining online (click on or touch appropriate buttons below).

The 2019 full and associate membership rates are as follows: adult membership (18 to 64 years old) £25, senior membership (over 65 years old) £15 and junior membership (16 to 17 years old) £10. Corporate membership is negotiable and depends on number of corporate members joining. Membership subscriptions were raised for 2018 after a twelve year freeze.

Of course, membership is conditional on applicants agreeing to abide by the Club’s rules and regulations.


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Mondays - Thursdays: 6:00pm to 10:00pm 

Fridays: 5:00pm to 10:00pm

Saturdays: 4:00pm to 11:00pm

Sundays: 12:00 noon to 8:00pm

Around public holidays, opening hours may vary. Please check website or call.


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