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During 2012 and 2013, the Club’s bar and bar facilities had a major revamp. The Club’s cellar, beer pipes, pumps, taps and coolers were replaced with more modern and efficient equipment. Gone were the old 1970s style spirit optics as well as the clutter. More improvements to the bar are planned in the near future but one step at a time.

The lounge areas have also been tastefully refreshed in a soft welcoming colour with the placement of new soft furnishings, ornaments and candles on tables in the evening to lend that gentle, inviting and convivial atmosphere. New pictures and mirrors have been added throughout including a recent image of Her Majesty. 

However, of most importance is the fact that the bar is always well stocked with a wide range of beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks and snacks supplied by Molson Coors. Draught lagers include Fosters, Coors Light, Sharp's Pilsner and Staropramen which have been a particular success. There is also Blue Moon Belgian White Beer. Bitter drinkers are well catered for too. Sharp's Doom Bar and Sharp's Atlantic bitter are available on tap as is the famous Sharp’s Orchard Premium cider. To whet the thirst of connoisseurs, there is also a selection of bottled beers. From time to time, the Club also hosts some local guest beers so look out for them.  Neil and Julie take great pride in serving fresh, clean beers and lagers at all times.

Wine lovers will also find an interesting diversity of good red, white, rosé and sparkling wines  from all over the world. We have a wine for everyone’s taste.  Your favourite tipples and mixers await the discerning including vodkas, gins, Scotch, Irish and American whiskies alongside the best French cognacs. More exotic spirits are also available.

Make the Club your local.

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