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During good weather, the Club garden is a quiet oasis of peace and calm where members, friends and family can sit out and enjoy their drinks or meals. When the weather is fine, the garden can be quite busy with the sound of laughter and children at play.

On special occasions, like beer and wine festivals, barbecue evenings and organised functions, the garden provides a useful alternative location for people to get together outdoors especially on balmy summers’ evenings. In the spring of 2017, a shelter was installed to provide cover on those days when the weather is not so kind. 


Facilities for children are constantly being improved with more children’s toys and structures being installed.  We are also conscious of the need to ensure that children can play in a safe environment, so great care is being taken in choosing facilities. Needless to say, children playing in the garden should be properly supervised by responsible adults.

Of course, the garden can be used for your own special events such as crafts fairs, live music, barbecue receptions and children’s parties. Just get in touch with Neil or Julie on 01883 653330 who will be happy to advise and help out.

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