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The Club prides itself in being a family-friendly club where all generations can come together in safety and comfort. The Club has a long tradition of welcoming families and their friends to enjoy its facilities and services. We shall continue that tradition to do our best to cater for families and their needs.

We are keen that children should also be able to enjoy their experience both within the Club house itself and in the Club garden and grounds too. It is important therefore that children are safe and are properly supervised by a responsible adult or adults who will keep a watchful eye on our young visitors to ensure that they have a fun time, are safe and are of good behaviour. Remember, late evenings may not always be suitable for young ones.

Understandably, the Club cannot accept responsibility for the safety and behaviour of unsupervised children at anytime. That responsibility lies with their parents or guardians at all times.

That said, we do want you and your children to have a happy and relaxed time in the Club and look forward to seeing you all there regularly! 

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