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The current constitution, rules and bye-laws of the Woldingham Village Club are as those promulgated for the Woldingham Social Club Limited on 23 July 1997.  Essentially. the Woldingham Social Club Limited is  the 'Woldingham Village Club' and functions solely in the delivery of the charity objectives of the Woldingham Village Trust.

As clearly set out in Rule 1 of the Club’s rules, the objects of the Club ‘are to carry on the business of a club by providing for the use of its members, the means of social intercourse, mutual helpfulness, mental and moral improvement, rational recreation and the other advantages of a club.  The objects of the Club shall not be incompatible with the objects of the Woldingham Village Trust with whom the Club shall affiliate.  In carrying out the aforesaid objects, the Club shall have due regard to supporting the objects, financing and activities of the registered charity number 200366, the Woldingham Village Trust’.


In simple terms, the Club's own rules state that it must operate in accordance with the Trust’s primary object ‘to provide or assist in providing for the inhabitants of Woldingham facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation in the interests of social welfare with object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants’ and do nothing that would undermine that objective.


The requirements for membership and cessation of membership are set out in Rules 9 to 16.  Rule 17 also provides for the holding of annual general meetings and special general meetings at which the Club executive committee is elected annually. The requirements for the election of the executive committee are set out in Rule 18.


In accordance with Rule 19, it is  the executive committee’s duty to ‘control the management of the Club’. It has ‘the power to do all such things as it may deem necessary for the carrying out the objects of the Club’ and ‘the exclusive power to engage and dismiss employees’. According to the rules, ‘the Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and not less than six or more than fourteen Committee persons’ elected at annual general meetings. Other rules describe the powers and limits of powers of the executive committee.


Click on the above image to view a PDF version of the Club's current rules.


You may also print off or download a copy of the rules.

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